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This Friday join us for: “The Whole is Greater Than The Sum of It’s Parts”

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Please Join me this Friday May 4, for the opening reception of:

So often, we are evaluated solely on the basis of our appearance.  While the body is clearly a part of who we are, it doesn’t represent ALL that we are. This work serves to remind us of the secrets that can be found when one takes the time to look deeper.

Amazing works by:
Alec Huxley
Andrzej Michael Karwacki
Felicia Chang
Fred Goykhman
Maggie Hurley
Mark Campbell
Natalie Wohlstadter
Paul Morin
Quinn B. Wharton
Todd Laby

There will be beautiful art, music and complementary drinks

When: Friday May 4, 2012
Where: Wonderland SF Gallery
2929 24th Street, SF 94110 (between Florida and Alabama)

Amazing new stuff and new designers!!!! also we got some stuff for sale!!

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All Suzy Tamimi 50% off

All Fluidance 15% off

All Grp jeans 20% off

All Wonderland SF Jewelry 10% off

All Tippy Canoe bags 40% off

All First season Endless Ammo 20% off

All Menk Men’s Jackets 15% off

All Bush and Leavenworth first season 20%off

stay posted for all new designers!!!!

Paola Hernandez

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Paola Hernandez is based out of Mexico City, its a brand that explores ideas that can inspire humanity towards a better state of mind trough out self-development. In every piece Paola designs, there is symbolic details which represent a philosophical idea. Come check out her modern yet edgy collection not only for woman, but men too. Now available in Wonderland SF!


NAMI Clothing now in SF!

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NAMI is a brand based out of Los Angeles, One of our newest designers here in Wonderland SF. NAMI is an emerging designer who has showed in Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week and currently featured in LUCKY Magazine. Also, Sarah (NAMI Clothing) has been featured by Huffington Post  as one of the future leaders in the fashion industry. Come by and check out her aesthetic pieces in Wonderland SF!