Celebrate with us the opening reception of: "Nuestros Muertos" (day of the dead celebratio

"Nuestros Muertos" (day of the dead celebration)

40 artists Bay Area artists paying tribute to "The Day of the Dead"

The 8th grade of Buena Vista/ Horace Mann will build an altar honoring the people that are no longer with us (feel free to bring anything for the altar to pay tribute to someone that you love and is no longer with us.

Feel free to dress up dia de los muertos!

Incredible art by:

Abel Manolo

Alberto Ybarra

Alec Huxley

Amelia Souva


Ashley Bell

Bernard Bolter

Brandon Hurley

Brett Crawford

Caitlin Porter

Dario Posada

Karla Korazon

Christine Taylor

Doug Rhodes

Elodie Bouchr

Felicia Gabaldon

Fleur Spolidor

Helice Wen

Houston Berry

Irene Hernandez-Feiks

Jasper Steven Thomas

jeffrey Nemenzo

Jesus Hernandez

Joshua Lawyer

Jon Ching

Kenneth Malone

Lana Pineda Kohn

lidia Lowe

Lisa Clarke

Lucas bononi

Luciano Roque

Maggie Hurley

Marcus Era

Marina Berlin

Mark Campbell

Maureen Shields

Melanie Alves

Mike S Young

Mj Lindo

Monty Guy

Olympia Altimir Galvez

Rachel Znerold

Safi Kolozsvari

Shane Izykowski

Sonja Navin

Steven Nunez


Tracy Piper

Ximena Rendon

Zachary Welburn


Complimentary drinks

Saturday October 22, 2016


1266 Valencia Street

SF, CA 94110


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